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Impact of digital tools on Loss Adjusting (small losses)

Loss Adjusters have been using digital tools for a while now. These tools such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, laser measuring devices etc have made our day-to-day jobs so much easier.


Business Interruption - COVID-19

There has been considerable debate over the cover for business interruption following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. This document provides some information on the thinking of Jens Otto.


COVID-19 Update

The global outbreak of Covid-19 has led to considerable cooperation amongst the Insurance industry, Trade Bodies and Professional associations across the globe. FUEDI is playing its part by gathering information and sharing this in this paper. We are indebted to our volunteers across Europe for setting time aside to provide assistance at this most difficult time.


Fuedi News 2/2018

At the end of September, the international FUEDI conference took place in Vienna amid great interest. Around 90 participants listened to the presentations of the top speakers invited. Martin Schörkhuber, the chairman of AFILA and president of FUEDI, is very satisfied with the lively participation.


What is Cyber Crime - First Cyber Workgroup Report

Cyber spying, or cyber espionage, is the illegal act or practice of obtaining data and or secrets without the permission of the holder of the information (personal, sensitive, proprietary or of classified nature), from individuals, competitors, rivals, groups, governments and enemies for personal, economic, political or military advantage using methods on the Internet, networks or individual computers through the use of cracking techniques and malicious software.


Cyber Risks & Cyber Crime Presentation

Cyber Risks & Cyber Crime Lisboa
26. October 2018
FUEDI workgroup Cyber