The Latest News from FUEDI

19th – 20th May 2022

The FUEDI held its General Assembly celebrating 50 years of European wide cooperation and developments. The Celebration took place in Paris the birth place of the FUEDI. Young members of the FUEDI were welcomed by the President Christophe Fournial and the Young Members met together to discussed the objectives of the FUEDI, the impact of Climate Change and how better the FUEDI could support younger and future members.

CEA who hosted the event additionally held a climate change focussed conference which was broadcast across the globe via the internet and was in both French and English with translations taking place.

The two day event was a huge success and the entirety of attendees were most grateful to CEA for their excellent arrangements. The Presidency now has passed to Portugal with Rui De Almeida CNPR of Portugal taking on the role of President.

25th November 2021

The FUEDI held its Plenary Assembly and all member associations from across Europe were represented at this physical and on-line event. The meeting was particularly beneficial with new President Christope Fournial announcing CEA’s objectives for the ensuing year. The objectives are set on the looking to the future and celebrating 50 years of existence. The future will benefit from a project to encourage participation from across Europe by younger members who will be invited to the Paris General Assembly.

Many of the member organisations will be holding competitions for their young members to participate in to gain the opportunity to attend the Paris event. In Paris the usefulness of loss adjusters will be highlighted with presentations at a conference which will centre on adapting to climate change.

19th May 2021

The FUEDI held its General Assembly and all member associations from across Europe were represented at this on-line event. The influence of loss adjusters and our member associations members was discussed in the fight against the economic implications of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Christope Fournial of the CEA – France was duly elected as President of the FUEDI. This is most fitting following Christope’s considerable input into FUEDI in representations to European bodies over several years. In addition Christophe has also served FUEDI by drafting and obtaining support for the renewed version of the governing FUEDI documents. During Christophe’s year the FUEDI will celebrate 50 years of existence and this celebration will take place in Paris, France in May 2022.

19th November 2020

FUEDI held its Plenary/General Assembly – for the first time by electronic means.

This provided an opportunity for delegates to provide details of the effects of Covid-19 across Europe as well as general country updates.

It has been agreed that Christian Leif Hansen will continue to operate as President which will mean that subject to Covid-19 the next General Assembly will take place in Denmark.