Forthcoming Fuedi Events

Plus an archive of all past events

Thursday 9th – Friday 10th November 2023

Plenary Assembly and Special General Assembly

To be held in Brussels with attendance from Young FUEDI

11th May 2023

Inflation and effects on the Insurance Industry

Conference organised by CNPR Portugal and FUEDI
Hotel Eurostars Porto Aliados
Av. dos Aliados , 211
4000-067 Porto/Portugal

19th May 2022

Climate: Sustainable Settlements

Zoom Conference organised by CEA

Part 1 – Climatic disasters in Europe, each country his answer

1. Climatic risks in Europe.
Francois-Marie Breon,
Directeur adjoint au Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement, Chercheur Physicien-Climatologue au CEA, membre du Shift Project.

2. Heterogeneous States responses:
SPAIN: Francisco Espejo, Deputy director Studies & International Relations CCS (Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros)
NETHERLANDS: Adriaan Westerhof, President of NVIRE Calamiteiten & Projecten
FRANCE: Eric Petitpas, Conseiller à la Mission Risques Naturels (MRN)

A global sustainable approach

Christian Lief Hansen, President of DALAX and ExCo member of the FRI, Foreningen af Rådgivende Ingeniører (Association of Consulting Engineers)

Part 2 – from resilience to sustainability: rebuild the ecosystem

Round table with representatives of the insurance industry, loss adjusters, risk management and construction.
Climate change is forcing us to rethink the insurance ecosystem. CSR, regulations, new practices, expectations, commitments.How to insure and rebuild sustainably?

Stéphane Penet, Directeur général adjoint de France Assureurs
Oliver Wild, Risk manager, PDT AMRAE, Directeur des risques et des assurances de Veolia
Christophe André, Expert construction, Directeur technique, CFEC
Olivier Gloux, Expert bâtiment, secrétaire général CEA
Olivier Laurent, Architecte D.E.S.A., Directeur technique de BATIFIVE

19th – 20th May 2022

FUEDI General Assembly

Event Details
This event will mark the 50th anniversary of the FUEDI and will be held in Paris where the inaugural meeting was held 50 years ago.

In association with CEA the FUEDI are delighted that the FUEDI General Assembly will also include a conference organised by the CEA La Compagnie de Experts.

22nd April 2021 – 11:00

The World of Aviation Adjusting


Event Details
The Women in CILA SIG have arranged for Lalitya Dhavala, an aviation loss adjuster, who will present on what makes aviation adjusting different to other sectors.

Most markets would consider aviation to be a speciality risk, and Lalitya will highlight three aspects which make this field unique.

Being an advocate for inclusivity in our industry, Lalitya will also share with us highlights of her experience as a female engineer in the male-dominated world of aerospace.

This event is being hosted by the Women in CILA SIG but is open to all members and non-members who would like to attend.

Events Archive

2020 - 2019

19th September 2019

Risks & Claims

METROPOL Hotel, Moscow

RISKS&CLAIMS – 2019 is a unique venue for exchanging opinions and experience in the area of risk assessment and claims settlement. The Conference will bring together representatives of Russian insurance market as well as international specialists – surveyors, adjusters and experts from the leading European and International associations and companies.

The sessions of the International conference will be focused on vital professional issues and most significant topics including:

  • Priority directions of risk assessment and loss adjustment development
  • From risk assessment towards risk reduction: the latest technical solutions to prevent and minimize losses
  • Modern technologies in claims settlement: methods for increasing efficiency of insurance investigation processes
  • Legal aspects of claims settlement
  • Case study: difficulties and experience exchange

You can view the details here:

23rd/24th May 2019

FUEDI General Assembly

Held in the United Kingdom

2018 - 2016

24th/25th May 2018

FUEDI General Assembly


19th March 2018

SFOS – Skadedagen 2018

Saturn Conference, Hornsgatan 15, Stockholm

16th/17th November 2017

FUEDI Plenary Meeting


26th September 2017



18th/19th May 2017

FUEDI General Meeting


17th/18th November 2016

FUEDI Plenary Meeting

Brussels, Belgium

24th May 2016

4th ELD Stakeholder Conference

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19th/20th May 2016

FUEDI General Assembly

Barcelona, Spain

2015 - 2013

19th/20th November 2015

FUEDI Plenary Meeting

Brussels, Belgium

28th/29th May 2015

FUEDI General Assembly

Starnberger See, Munich, Germany

20th/21st November 2014

FUEDI Plenary Meeting


20th/21st October 2014

FERMA Risk Management Seminar


22nd/23rd May 2014

FUEDI General Assembly

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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7th/8th November 2013

FUEDI Plenary Meeting

Brussels, Belgium

23rd/24th May 2013

FUEDI General Assembly

Naples, Italy

11th May 2013

CNPR General Assembly 2013

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2012 - 2010

19th October 2012

APCAS 50th Anniversary Celebration – Madrid 1962/2012

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15th/16th November 2012

FUEDI Plenary Meeting

Brussels, Belgium

1st October 2012


Brussels, Belgium

19th/20th October 2012

APCAS: 50th Anniversary – Conferences

Madrid, Spain

22nd/23rd October 2012

FERMA: Risk Management Seminar

Versailles, France

25th/26th October 2012

AIPAI: National Congress

Palermo, Italy

26th October 2012

CNPR: NAT – CAT Conference

Lisbon, Portugal

11th/12th September 2012

CILA Technical Conference 2012

10th/11th May 2012

FUEDI General Assembly

Oporto, Portugal

September 2011

BTE Communication Forum

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2nd/5th October 2011

FERMA Risk Management Forum 2011

Stockholm, Sweden

May 2011

FUEDI General Assembly, Versailles, France

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15th April 2011

CNPR Seminar “Multirisk Policies / Commercial and Industrial Claims”

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17th/18th November 2011

FUEDI Plenary Meeting

Brussels, Belgium

12th October 2011

IFAA Catastrophe Claims Adjusting a Global Challenge

London, UK

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4th/5th May 2011

FUEDI General Assembly

Brussels, Belgium

25th November 2010

FUEDI Plenary Meeting

Paris, France

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11th October 2010

SFOS – The Swedish Association of Independent Loss Adjusters

Annual Conference SKADEDAGEN (Claims Day) – Stockholm

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29th May 2010

CNPR Annual General Assembly

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25th October 2007

FUEDI Attends International Conference Celebrating the Centenary of the Portugese Insurance Supervisor, Lisbon

Copenhagen, Denmark

2009 - 2007

19th/20th November 2009

FUEDI Plenary

Brussels, Belgium

9th May 2009

CNPR General Assembly/ CNPR Luncheon – AV. Da Liberade, 185, 1269-050 Lisbon

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23rd/24th April 2009

FUEDI General Assembly

Heathfield, UK

17th April 2009

CNPR Seminar – Reimbursement of Damaged Merchandises

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17th October 2008

CNPR Seminar – Relevancy of Insurance in Trade and Commerce – Scope and Practical Applications

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15th/16th May 2008

FUEDI General Assembly

Vienna, Austria

10th May 2008

CNPR General Annual Assembly

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15th/16th November 2007

FUEDI Plenary Meeting

Brussels, Belgium

October 2007

CNPR and Portugese Loss Adjuster Chamber Held a Contractor’s Seminar

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31st October 2007

News From Malta – A FUEDI Observer

The Institute of Loss and Risk Management 1st Annual General Meeting

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25th October 2007

FUEDI Attends International Conference Celebrating the Centenary of the Portugese Insurance Supervisor, Lisbon

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