Italy – AIPAI

Italian National Association of Insurance Adjusters


  • To establish solid foundations and improve professional ethical rules in the adjustment sector. To this end, its members are required to act in full respect of the Association’s rules
  • To protect members’ interests
  • To participate in congresses, committees and public and private organizations
  • To examine problems encountered in the profession and to seek out solutions
  • To improve members’ professional qualification

Education and Training

An AIPAI candidate member must:

  • Be more that 28 years old
  • Have worked in an AIPAI member’s adjuster office for 4 years if he has an university degree, for 6 years if he has an university qualification, and 8 years if he has a school-leaver’s certificate
  • Those who never worked in an AIPAI member’s office, must successfully complete an interview and prove that they have undertaken independent professional activities for 6 years if they have an university degree, 9 years if he has an university qualification, and 12 years if they have a school-leaver’s certificate the candidate membership period lasts for two years.

A candidate member then becomes a full member (level 1 FUEDI) or a senior member (level 2 FUEDI), once he has passed the professional exams and gained the professional experience required according to his starting qualifications.

Details of Publications

Newsletter twice a year. Notizario – yearbook


Updating of insurance anti-fraud activity in Italy (.doc)

AIPAI – FUEDI Delegate

Mauro Tamagnone


 +39 (0) 118 193 257



+39 (0) 118 193 257




Mauro Tamagnone
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