Germany – BTE

Bund Technischer Experten e.V.


  • Representation of general and economic interests arising from the professional activity of members
  • Representation to legal and public administrations, insurance companies, industrial and commercial industry and other institutions
  • To advance knowledge and expertise of members
  • To ensure observance of strict ethical and professional conduct

Details of Publications

BTE-Nachrichten (BTE-News) is published every 6 months, including the publication of Technical and Commercial bulletins. All BTE news is available for download via – News.

In addition several publications by BTE-Members can be found under Publications, Service and Knowledge Base.

To locate and expert in Germany please visit or Download “BTE Index of Members”.

Education and Training

Organisation of professional meetings and work sessions. Technical bulletins.


General Assembly in Muenster, September 19-21, 2019
(General Assembly and Panel meetings (Science, Building, Machinery and Equipment, and BI). Examinations.

BTE-Dialog in Cologne March 5, 2020
The BTE Communication Forum will be held in March 2020 (every 4 years) aimed at the whole insurance market (brokers, inhouse-loss-adjusters, specialist solicitors). It will be a day of BTE Dialog, workshops and lectures. Up to 200 participants are expected to join and discuss several differnt loss adjusting and insurance questions within the workshops with BTE members.

For further information please contact Ralf Schneider at:
Tel: +49(0)221-9434437

BTE – FUEDI Delegates

Ralf Schneider

 +49 (0) 221 943 44 37

Jens Otto

 +49 (0) 22 04 / 5 47 11



+49 (0) 211 971 8342




Dipl.-Ing./Dipl.-Kfm. Mathias Förster
Händelstraße 50
40593 Düsseldorf