France – CEA

Compagnie des Experts Agréés


CEA was formed in 1936 and counts over 900 individual active members. CEA’s missions are focused on:

  • The training of applicant Loss Adjusting Experts to the TEA Certification (Technique d’Expertise d’Assurance) and the national EEA Certification (Expert Evaluateur et d’Assurance).

CEA entrusts to an independent body, CNPP, the exams validating these professional certifications:

  • The promotion of the Loss Adjusting Expert profession in the insurance sector
  • the publication of technical articles of interest for the Loss Adjusting Experts professionals but also the different stakeholders of the claims liquidation chain


Each year, CEA organizes a national conference which usually takes place in September. These conferences address topics of interest for the insurance sector.

Details of Publications

Since 1990: L’Expert; quarterly review

Education and Training

Annual training course is organized (in French). Information at CEA.

CEA – FUEDI Delegates

Christophe Fournial

 +33 1 40 22 81 41

Beatrice Grandury

 +33 1 42 80 80 64



+33 1 56 88 47 35




Rue de la Rochefoucauld 37
75009 Paris