Fuedi’s History

In 1968 M.Mommaels (the President of the Belgium loss adjusting association) visited Italy and met with M. Deganello and M. Scotti at Milan Linate Airport. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the creation of an Italian association and also to explore the possibility of a European Federation.

Later that year M. Mommaels, Deganello and Scotti travelled to Brussels to meet with M. Stoltz (Germany) and M. Petit (France) and the first meeting of what would become FUEDI was held.

Further meetings were held in Paris (1969), Milan (1970) and Baden Baden (1971). By this time M. Fusi had joined as a representative for Italy.

On 13th May 1972 the representatives above were joined by Mr Polak Schoute (the Netherlands) and the FUEDI Articles of Association were approved.

The Internal Rules were approved in Milan on 19 October 1974.

On 7 June 1975 the FUEDI General Assembly was held at the Flora Hotel in Rome with delegates from BTE, GEBCAI, CILA, NEVOST and AIPAI. At that time the role of president was held by the host country of the General Assembly. The President for 1975/76 was Mr Deganello (Italy). At this meeting in Rome the UK joined. Because there were two loss associations in the UK at that time a separate body “Union of United Kingdom Loss Adjusters (UUKLA)” was formed to comply with FUEDI’s rule of only one association from each country.

Greater European co-operation and the gradual removal of border restrictions encouraged an increase in the membership of FUEDI. With the expansion of the European Union the membership of FUEDI will continue to increase in the future.

FUEDI Annual Meetings since 1985

2015 - 2006
19th/20th November 2015Brussels/BelgiumCalzado
28th/29th May 2015Munich/GermanyOtto
22nd/23rd November 2014Brussels/BelgiumOtto
22nd/23rd May 2014Rotterdam/The NetherlandsVos
20th/21st November 2013Brussels/BelgiumVos
23rd/24th May 2013Naples/ItalyMauro Tamagnone
15th/16th November 2012Brussels/BelgiumMauro Tamagnone
10th/11th May 2012Oporto/PortugalRui de Almeida
17th/18th November 2011Brussels/BelgiumRui de Almeida
5th/6th May 2011Versailles/FranceYves Legoux
25th/26th November 2010Paris/FranceYves Legoux
6th/7th May 2010Copenhagen/DenmarkChristian Leif Hansen
19th/20th November 2009Zaventem-Brussels/BelgiumChristian Leif Hansen
23rd/24th April 2009East Sussex National/EnglandRigby
6th/7th November 2008Zaventem-Brussels/BelgiumRigby
15th/16th May 2008Vienna/AustriaKabler
15th/16th November 2007Brussels/BelgiumKabler
24th/25th May 2007Gent(Gand)/BelgiumCannaerts
16th/17th November 2006Brussels/BelgiumCannaerts
18th/19th May 2006Berlin/GermanySchneider
2005 - 1996
26th/27th May 2005The Hague/NetherlandsVos
4th/5th November 2004Brussels/BelgiumVos
13th/14th May 2004Rome/ItalyCincotti
6th/7th November 2003Milano/ItalyCincotti
8th/9th May 2003Porto/Portugalde Almeida
10th/11th October 2002Lisbon/Portugalde Almeida
8th/9th May 2003Porto/Portugalde Almeida
6th/7th November 2003Milano/ItalyCincotti
13th/14th May 2004Rome/ItalyCincotti
6th/7th November 2003Milano/ItalyCincotti
8th/9th May 2003Porto/Portugalde Almeida
10th/11th October 2002Lisbon/Portugalde Almeida
18th/19th April 2002Paris/FranceLegoux
18th/19th October 2001Paris/FranceLegoux
26th/27th April 2001Copenhagen/DenmarkLeif Hansen Sr.
1st/2nd October 2000Copenhagen/DenmarkLeif Hansen Sr.
25th/26th May 2000London/UKMay
14th/15th October 1999London/UKMay
27th/28th May 1999Brussels/BelgiumVervelghe
5th February 1999***Brussels/BelgiumVervelghe
2nd October 1998Brussels/BelgiumVervelghe
14th/15th May 1998****Munich/GermanyBiesenbach
30th/31st October 1997Cologne/GermanyBiesenbach
29th/30th May 1997Amsterdam/NetherlandsPolakSchoute
31st October/1st November 1996Schiphol-Amsterdam/NetherlandsPolakSchoute
9th/10th May 1996Venice/ItalyCincotti
1995 - 1985
13th October 1995Milano/ItalyCincotti
11th/12th May 1995Paris/FranceLegoux
28th October 1994Paris/FranceLegoux
26th/27th May 1994*Brugge/BelgiumVervelghe
29th/30th October 1993Zaventem-Brussels/BelgiumVervelghe
6th/7th May 1993Antwerp/BelgiumVervelghe
29th/30th October 1992Brussels/BelgiumVervelghe
8th/9th May 1992Madrid/Spain**Simmonds
17th/18th October 1991London/UKSimmonds
16th/17th May 1991Bath/UKSimmonds
18th/19th October 1990London/UKSimmonds
10th/11th May 1990Berlin/GermanyHohnholz
28th/29th September 1989Hamburg/GermanyHohnholz
25th/26th May 1989Cologne/GermanyHohnholz
21st October 1988Stuttgart/GermanyHohnholz
6th May 1988Leuvenum/BelgiumEvers
13th November 1987Schiphol-Amsterdam/NetherlandsEvers
8th May 1987Amsterdam/NetherlandsEvers
6th November 1986Schiphol-Amsterdam/NetherlandsEvers
11th April 1986Rome/Italy Deganello
22nd March 1985Siena/ItalyDeganello