FUEDI is the European Federation of Loss Adjusting Experts, an organisation comprising fifteen national loss adjusting associations, each representing loss adjusting experts in their own countries. These loss adjusting experts who are qualified in their own country are recognised as FUEDI-ELAE or FUEDI-NLAE depending on their level of qualification.

FUEDI is recognised by the European Commission as the representative body for all professional loss adjusters in Europe.

FUEDI member associations meet twice a year to exchange views and guide the secretariat which comprises an Executive Director, Marketing/Communication Director and an Education Director.

The Benefits of Being a Member Association

  • The exchange amongst member associations of experience, information and advice on all questions of a professional nature.

  • FUEDI has direct access to the European Commission (EC) by having regular meetings with the Head of Unit Insurance and Pensions, Financial Institutions of the DG Internal Market. We therefore hear of developments, possibly leading to changes in legislation and business rules, with our responses being of possible influence within the decision process. We endeavour to prevent negative output and promote the profession within the legislative process.

  • The EC considers the protection of consumers one of its principal responsibilities. The EC will certainly intervene in national regulations if it is not satisfied that consumers’ rights are protected. FUEDI is the only European organisation of adjusters which deals directly with consumers and can therefore support its member associations to have the same position in their respective countries and regulate their profession nationally.

  • The FUEDI title of FUEDI-ELAE is relatively recent. More and more the title is recognised by the insurance industry. It will help an adjuster so qualified to be accepted by foreign carriers on a contract where they act as a local adjuster for a local leader. This leads to more respect in the local market and acceptance by consumers.

  • FUEDI channels information on relevant developments in the various European countries which helps national bodies to enhance their professional capabilities, e.g. in the areas of catastrophe response, professional conduct and organisation of the national institute.

  • The FUEDI platform creates opportunities for international co-operation and broadens the horizon beyond national boarders. Exchanges at international level help the creativity of national institutes to develop effective strategies for their own country.
    FUEDI is the only European organisation of loss adjusters and therefore the only possible counterbalance to the growing consolidation of insurers and insurance brokers, making it very influential in the decision making process.